The Debilitating Effects of Depression and Anxiety on the Body

19 Jun

Depression is considered one of the most common of the mental health conditions in the United States with studies even revealing that as much as 26% of our adult population happen to be suffering from this condition.  By and large, depression is technically a mental health condition but it has such far reaching effects as it happens to affect even your physical wellbeing and health.  This article takes us through some of the most common signs and symptoms to lookout for to tell of a condition of depression and as well we look at the effects and how it gets to affect your whole body more so in the event that it is left to progress without any treatment.

The number one thing that needs to be clarified is that feelings of sadness as we often do at times is not to be seen to be depression as this is not necessarily depression.  This is actually based on the fact that feeling sad and so low is actually deemed to be a normal part of life but in the event that these feelings happen to be so persistent and continue to exhibit for a period exceeding two weeks, then they can be considered to be a sure case of an indication for depression setting.  As has already been mentioned at the start, depression is such a condition that is so prevalent amongst the adults in our population but this in no way means that the younger population are left out as they are as well affected by depression and do suffer it.  This so said and noted, it should be noted as a fact that clinical depression, more so that which is left to go untreated, will impact so negatively your life and health and as a matter of fact, carries with it a flurry of effects that impacts so negatively on the quality of life in general. Make sure to learn more here!

Your emotions will be seriously affected by depression and will as well cause a number of changes in your body.  And in the event that you happen to be suffering from major depression, this will be considered a serious medical condition and will have such a dramatic effect on the quality of life in general.  The following are some of the parts of the body that are affected by depression.

One of these is the CNS, the Central Nervous System.  The interesting bit is the fact that a number of these symptoms often pass our notice or where they are noticed, we tend to assume them.  Take a case such as it is for the seniors who may be so suffering from depression and as such exhibiting such symptoms as difficulty identifying cognitive changes as in most cases these are mistaken to be symptoms of aging while they are actually signs of depression setting in. Make sure to get help here!

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